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Consider Your Epitaph
October 19, 2009

“… and [Pekahiah] did evil in the sight of the LORD …” – 2 Kings 15:24
“… and [Jotham] did what was right in the sight of the LORD …” – 2 Kings 15:34

Two kings. They only get a few verses each in the Bible. Nothing incredibly noteworthy. But at the beginning of each biography – as we see time and again throughout the chronicles of the kings of Israel and Judah – there is a one-sentence summary. An epitaph.

“He did evil.”

“He did what was right.”

How will your epitaph read? And expand on that a bit: how would your obituary read? What would people say in a eulogy about you tomorrow if you died today?

If you don’t like the answer, then set about changing it now – because today is the only day you ever have.

  • Ask someone you absolutely trust to honestly describe your life in two to three sentences. Don’t prime the pump: just ask them, if they had to describe you and your life to a complete stranger, what would they say?
  • Consider carefully the answer you receive. Is it what you expected? Wanted? What does it tell you about your life, your character, and your impact on others?
  • Is there anything in your life you’d like to change? If so, how will you go about it?
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