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About Paula J. Marolewski

My whole desire and God’s calling on my life is summed up in II Peter 3:18: to help others “grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.” As a result, my Christian walk has been characterized by the following:

  • A deep love for the Word of God. Since becoming a Christian in 1980, I fell in love with the Bible and have consistently spent time reading, memorizing, studying, and meditating on the Word.
  • A hunger to learn more about God. I am a bookworm of the first order, and read constantly. My mother was our church librarian, so early on I was devouring books on every topic in the Christian life – and I’ve never stopped! I invite you to visit the Resources page for some of my personal favorites.
  • An appreciation for theology. During college, I was introduced to the study of theology – really digging into the doctrines of the Christian faith. I firmly believe that our love for God grows in direct relation to our knowledge and understanding of God, and theology is essential to that growth.
  • A commitment to teach and disciple others. Since the early 1990s I have been actively engaged in teaching and discipling adults in the church. The lessons you will find here are the product of years of study and preparation.

It is because I desire to see others grow in their relationship with the Lord that I offer you the Christian Bible studies and free Bible study lessons available on Sink Your Roots. I hope and pray that your faith is strengthened and your love for God is deepened as you sink your roots deep into his Word!

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