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What is the State of Your Armor?
November 2, 2009

“Put on the full armor of God, that you may be able to stand firm against the schemes of the devil.” – Ephesians 6:11

I have often heard people “pray” through the armor of God listed in Ephesians 6 as if it were a magic formula or a talisman – with no real thought behind what they’re saying. It’s easy to make the mistake: the words are powerful and compelling, rolling off your tongue with all the majesty of the ages behind them.

But they’re not a magic formula, and they’re not a talisman. They are clear instructions for how we are to live our life if we want to defeat the devil.

So take the time and ask yourself:

  • The belt of truth: How well do you know the Word of God? What are you doing to increase and deepen your knowledge of the Bible?
  • The breastplate of righteousness: Righteousness has two parts – the recognition that we are right with God because of what Jesus has done for us, and the commitment to live righteously ourselves through the power of his Spirit living within us. How are you doing in each respect?
  • The shoes of peace: Are you spreading the good news of the gospel to everyone you meet, and telling them how they can have peace with God through Jesus Christ?
  • The shield of faith: Are you just “existing” in the Christian life, or are you believing God with assurance, conviction, and action?
  • The helmet of salvation: Do you trust in Jesus for everything – from eternal salvation to day-to-day deliverance?
  • The sword of the Spirit: Again, we see the Word of God – it is necessary both to withstand attack and to press forward. Do you know how to use it wisely and well?

And one last question, because we sometimes forget the verse that comes right after the litany of the armor of God …

  • Praying at all times: Your armor is nothing if your lines of communication with your Commander-in-Chief are broken. How’s your prayer life?
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