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Go Forward!
December 12, 2008

“Always to go forward, never to turn back!” – Junipero Serra

What keeps you from moving forward? Fear? Shame and guilt? Failure? Weakness?

There are many reasons we do not go forward: forward into new ministries, new careers, new relationships, new freedom, new horizons. We may not want to turn back, but we do, overcome by the dark cloud of the things that are holding us down, sapping our strength, and destroying our courage.

Junipero Serra had one response for this: “Always to go forward, never to turn back!”

Go forward: even when the fear clutches at your chest – because God is at your side.

Go forward: even when your past is full of shame, sin, and guilt – because God has forgiven you entirely.

Go forward: even when you have failed before – because God redeems even failure to use for his good purposes.

Go forward: even when you are at your weakest – because God’s power will be perfected in your human frailty.

No matter what your past contains, no matter what present trials you are enduring, no matter what fears the future may hold, make this the battle cry of your life: “Always to go forward, never to turn back!”

  • Is there anything you should be moving forward into – a calling, relationship, career, ministry, etc. – that you have been avoiding?
  • What keeps you from moving forward, and why does it stop you?
  • Imagine for a moment what it would be like if you did move forward – what might you accomplish or become?
  • What verses can you find that will challenge the things that are stopping you from moving forward, and that will affirm God’s grace and strength to meet your needs?
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